What is Julyna?

“…for the manner of a lady’s pubic hair is the quintessence of her truth and her beauty.”
-Unknown 17th century poet

Is there anything a stylish vajayjay can’t accomplish? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re using them to go up against a disease that threatens countless Canadian women each year.

Julyna is more than a catchy name. It’s a charitable organization that’s here to prove that our collective pubic power is greater than cervical cancer. For the month of July, we’re encouraging women to style their pubic hair in order to fundraise and spread awareness about this harmful disease.

That’s right. Our muffs are making things happen. Because when our womanhood is threatened, it’s up to all of us to take a stand, put our hair up and get down to business.

Face it. You’ve always wanted to test out a Landing Strip. Or perhaps, inexplicably, an Arrow. Who says charity can’t be fun?

So let’s get together. Linked by our pronounced pubic hair, we’ll help promote education, healthy lifestyle choices and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Ladies, start your grooming.